TENA Underpad, Moderate
February 6, 2019
TENA Ultra Soft Pack Aloe / Vitamin E / Chamomile Bath Wipe 48 Count
February 6, 2019
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TENA InstaDri Air Securepad

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The Tena IinstaDri Air Underpads are a disposable underpad to be used on top of a bed, chair or other item of furniture. The purpose is to protect your furniture from incontinence.

  • Doubles as repositioning pad, with maximum absorbency and strength
  • Holds over 10 cups of liquid
  • Special pin-core structure allows even distribution of fluid which eliminates clumps and blotches
  • Waterproof; special breathable film; super absorbent polymer with moisture lock

Quick Look

Absorbent Core MaterialPolymer
Absorbency Rating:Heavy
Application:Positioning Underpad
Brand:TENA® InstaDri Air™ Securepad
Backsheet:Waterproof Backing