Incontinence Products for Assisted Living and Care Facilities

What caregivers need to know about adult incontinence
What Caregivers Need to Know About Adult Incontinence
March 13, 2021
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Incontinence Products for Assisted Living and Care Facilities

Incontinence Products for Assisted Living and Care Facilities

Anyone who has worked at a long-term care facility knows that not all incontinence products are the same. 


Better quality incontinence supplies cut the related costs of products that leak, cause skin breakdown, and affect a resident’s dignity.


In fact, you’re likely saving money by investing in better incontinence care.

“Adult Diapers” Are More Than a Budget’s Line Item

It may be tempting to choose incontinence products that have a low price. After all, “adult diapers” and other products are disposable–why pay extra for better protective underwear?


Lesser-quality incontinence underwear, for example, can leak. Leaks shouldn’t be considered normal. That “leakage” costs the facility more money with laundry, staff workloads, cleaning & sanitizing products, disposable bed pads, and more.


Also, some patients with incontinence problems also have mobility issues. They may not be able to get up and change their own protective underwear or find help. When skin is exposed to urine or feces for an extended period of time, it starts getting irritated causing skin breakdown. Perineal skin damage can rapidly progress leading to ulceralation and secondary infection–like staphylococcus.


Skin care treatments add to a staff’s workload, increase costs related to care, and may cause issues–even litigation–for families unhappy with the care provided for their loved ones.


Benjamin Franklin had it right: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” This holds especially true for investing in quality incontinence products.


And there is more… 

The Dignity Advantage of Quality Incontinence Supplies

Everyone wishes to age with dignity. Sadly, as our residents get older, their health issues become more complex. Incontinence may become a recurring issue.


They begin to rely on incontinence briefs and other related products.


Sadly, when low quality products make incontinence obvious to staff, other residents, or family, a resident may become embarrassed or upset. They may even blame themselves for the messes they inadvertently caused.


It’s a helpless, hopeless feeling that steals one’s dignity. Your residents worked hard all their lives, raised families, accomplished great things…and now they are left with a mess leading to their bathroom. 


Nobody wants that for their loved one.


Low quality incontinence products also affect those with dementia. Getting an individual with dementia out of bed because the sheets are soiled isn’t always easy. Since those with dementia don’t always wake up well, it can throw them off for the rest of the day causing more confusion and challenging behaviors.


The good news: In many cases, this is avoidable. 

Find Incontinence Products That Make A Difference

It’s not easy to manage an assisted living facility. Budgets are tight. Staffing may be a nightmare. Caring for residents with complex needs can be daunting. 


Little changes can make a big difference.


Finding the right incontinence supplies helps:

  • Ensure your resident’s dignity
  • Cut down on related cleaning, sanitizing, and laundry products
  • Prevent hard-to-treat skin care issues
  • Reduce your staff’s workload
  • Keep families and loved ones happy
  • Improve the environment of your facility  


Are you ready to find men’s and women’s incontinence products that will make a difference to your residents, staff, and facility?


We would love to help!

Dependable Daughter: Incontinence and Wellness Solutions 

We’ve been caregivers. We know the struggles. And we can help your facility find the best incontinence products while being mindful of your budget.


Dependable Daughter offers personalized solutions and on-going support for individuals, caregivers, and facilities. Our staff guide you with knowledge and compassion throughout the process. 


We aren’t just selling “adult diapers” (we don’t even like that term). In fact, we have over 800 incontinence, personal care, and health & wellness products available.


Once you discover the products that work best for your residents, you could set up automatic reordering and get a 5% discount on each order–a little help for that tight budget.

Take the next step!

Give us a call at 1-888-822-3379. We’ll discuss the issues your facility is facing, what solutions are available, and how to get the products you need quickly.

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