Is There Really a Difference in Adult Protective Underwear?

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Is There Really a Difference in Adult Protective Underwear?

Adult Protective Underwear

Adult Protective Underwear

Is there really a difference in adult protective underwear?

Many people have asked me the same question… “Are your adult underwear really better than what I buy at the store?”  The answer is YES! There is a big difference especially for those with heavier incontinence issues.  The key factors to look at are ABSORBENCY, DRYNESS, and DIGNITY


ABSORBENCY is the most obvious factor to consider.  Most products you find the stores absorb well for those with those light to moderate incontinence, but find leaks occur with heavier incontinence, especially overnight.  We offer higher quality products that can handle light, moderate, and even the heaviest levels of incontinence.  We help older adults and the caretakers find products that work for every level of incontinence, even overnight protection.


DRYNESS is not the same as absorbency, and even more important. Just because a product says it has heavy absorbency does not mean it keeps your skin dry.  A great product will be able to absorb and lock in the moisture. to keep the skin dry.  Most products found in stores don’t lock in wetness very well, leaving the skin moist or wet.  Moisture causes the skin to be more permeable allowing bacteria to enter into the skin and cause rashes, infections, and sores. When urine remains near the urethra it increases the chance of developing a urinary tract infection (UTI). The products we recommend are designed with materials that are gentle on the skin, that absorb quickly, and lock in moisture.  This is going to help reduce the chance of embarrassing leaks and keep the skin dry and healthy.


DIGNITY is just as important.  Our goal to eliminate embarrassing leaks, reduce odors and painful skin issues, and regain confidence allowing our clients to retain their dignity.


DEPENDABLE DAUGHTER is your incontinence concierge helping make sure you find the best adult protective underwear and other incontinence products today and continuing to support you throughout this journey.  Call us today or use our online product finder for quick help.

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