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What Caregivers Need to Know About Adult Incontinence

What caregivers need to know about adult incontinence

What Caregivers Need to Know About Adult Incontinence


As we all know, people are living longer. And, as they get older, many experience a wide range of health issues that may require the help of another person at some point.

An aging individual’s children or close relatives may be thrown into a caregiver role without any prior training. While these new caregivers try their best to tend to their loved one’s needs, they often have more questions than answers.

This is especially true when it comes to bladder and bowel adult incontinence. It’s often an uncomfortable subject for the family member providing care. But it’s something that needs to be addressed to ensure a loved one’s health and quality of life.

A Mistake Many New Caregivers Unknowingly Make

When a loved one starts showing signs of bladder and bowel incontinence, many caregivers run to the nearest drug or big box store.

They scan the adult incontinence aisle searching for a product that will help their loved one. They read some of the packaging hoping the right solution will magically jump out at them.

Sure, they have questions. But the only person around is an employee stocking shelves two aisles over. And it’s pretty doubtful that the teen on duty knows much about adult incontinence.

The caregiver picks a product and hopes for the best while thinking, “There is So MUCH I don’t know! Am I choosing the right adult diapers?”

For the next few days, the loved one’s bed sheets are wet every morning. And sometimes, while walking around, there are obvious signs the protective underwear is leaking.

Back to the store to find another–hopefully better–product. A label boasting “better absorbency” seems like a promising solution.

A couple days later, the caregiver notices a bad rash while helping clean up.

Meanwhile, the loved one feels helpless, embarrassed, and at fault.

Rest assured…there is a better way. But first, let’s get to the facts.

Common Myths About Adult Incontinence Products

You don’t have to make a stressful situation even worse by trying to find the right combination of products on your own. Before you settle into the habit of using products that don’t suit your loved one’s needs, let’s set the record straight about a few things…

Myth: Incontinence Products Are Called “Adult Diapers”

Your loved one deserves dignity. One small–but very meaningful–step involves changing terminology. The term “adult diapers” may seem demeaning. “Protective underwear” or “absorbent briefs” however, allows for a more dignified approach when discussing incontinence with your loved one.

Myth: All Protective Underwear Has the Potential to Leak

This is simply not true. Choosing the right protective underwear for your loved one’s situation will prevent leaks–even overnight. Higher quality products may cost a little more, but they will save time, embarrassment, and constantly using your washing machine for soiled clothes and linens.

Myth: Skin Breakdown is a Normal Part of Using Protective Underwear

Good protective underwear is absorbent and locks in moisture to keep your loved one’s skin dry. When the skin is exposed to moisture for a period of time, bacteria develops causing sores, rashes, and infections. When urine isn’t absorbed properly, the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) increases.

Myth: Baby Wipes Work Just Fine for Adults

Baby wipes are designed for…well, babies. As a caregiver will quickly learn, baby wipes may not do the trick when helping an adult struggling with incontinence. Luckily, there are some great cleansing wipes designed specifically for adults.

Myth: Local Stores Carry Protective Underwear for All Situations

Most protective underwear products found in stores are okay for individuals with light to moderate incontinence. Special protective underwear for heavy incontinence, however, may not be readily available at your local store.

Incontinence occurs for various reasons. Finding the product that fits your loved one’s unique needs may not be as easy as grabbing something off the shelf of your local store.

Get the Products and Support You Need

Aging gracefully starts with caring for your loved one’s basic needs with dignity.

As a caregiver, are you seeking solutions to:

  • Prevent embarrassing leaks when taking your loved one out?
  • Help your loved one sleep through the night comfortably and peacefully?
  • Reduce the risk of UTIs and skin breakdown?
  • Confidently find an incontinence product best suited for your loved one’s situation?
  • Get the products you need when you need them?
  • Seek support when you don’t have the answers?

Dependable Daughter will help you with these issues and more! We’ve been caregivers. We know the struggles you’re facing.

This is why we offer a wide range of high-quality products at competitive prices. We want to support your loved one’s wellness and make it easier for you to provide care.

And it’s more than scrolling through our inventory! We offer compassionate personal assistance to help you choose the best products for comfort and support.

As our company grows, we’re offering more for your loved one’s personal care needs. With over 800 products available, we would love to be your trusted, “one stop” shop for providing the best, most dignified care.

Give us a call at 888.882.3379 so we can help you discover the best products for your loved one.

You can also get started right now by using our convenient, interactive product finder now.

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