Briefs Or Pullups – Which Is Better For You?

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July 11, 2019
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Briefs Or Pullups – Which Is Better For You?



When making this decision you need to consider the incontinence needs and the individual.  It is a question of protection and dignity.



When it comes to protection pullup adult underwear are great, especially for those with light to moderate incontinence.  They are comfortable and easy to pull on when changing and toileting.


Briefs with side tabs are usually better for those with heavy incontinence, you can use side tabs to adjust the fit and minimize leaks. They are also easier to put on for those who have mobility issues or are bedbound.



Dignity is important.  Some older adults feel that briefs with side tabs look like baby diapers and can feel helpless or embarrassed when wearing them.  Considering the feeling of those with dementia can make changing easier as well.


Using adult pullup underwear that look and feel more like regular underwear, allows them to retain their sense of dignity and control.


There are many great options.  Choose incontinence products that allow older adults to retain a sense of dignity with the level of protection they need.  Dependable Daughter can help!

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