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March 4, 2019
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The Best Overnight Adult Briefs And Underwear to Stop Overnight Leaks

Best Overnight Adult Briefs

The Best Overnight Adult Briefs And Underwear to Stop Overnight Leaks


For seniors and caregivers, waking up to wet pajamas and bedsheets is not the best way to start the day.  The good news is there are many things you can do to reduce and even stop overnight leaks.

All briefs and underwear are NOT made equal…  here are a few tips for finding the right products!

  • Absorbency Levels: Each brand and product line has a different level of absorbency. Look for products that are designed for overnight protection.  Many products may be described as maximum or super absorbency, but may not be able to protect throughout the night.  Expert tip – Check for information on the actual amount of fluid a product is designed to hold.  Some of the best overnight products will clearly state the fluid capacity.
  • Moisture Barrier: Keeping the skin dry is essential to wellness. Products that keep moisture away from the skin will help protect the skin from rashes and sores, as well as reduce the chance of getting a urinary tract infection.  During the day, it’s easier to change and clean quickly after each void.  But, it’s especially important to use a quality product that keeps moisture and urine away from the skin at bedtime when you may not change until morning.  Having a great overnight product allows you to stay dry and sleep better without getting up for nighttime changes. Expert tip – Look for products with absorbent channels to draw urine away and wicking layers that reduce moisture against the skin.
  • Briefs (tape on type) or underwear (pull-on type) for overnight use: This is all about getting the right fit. If a product is loose around the waist or legs, it’s more likely to leak. Find a product that fits snug, but not too tight.  Generally, a brief is recommended for overnight use because you can adjust the fit with side tabs reducing the chance of leaking. For those who prefer the pull on type underwear, there are a few great options. Expert tip – Before putting on briefs or underwear make sure you completely open it.  They tend to gather up and get folds, especially around the elastic leg openings when being packaged.  These gathers and folds may cause the elastic band to not fit properly around the leg and allow urine to leak out. Completely open and gently stretch, especially leg openings, before it putting on.

Use incontinence pads for extra protection

  • Flow-Through Booster pads: Booster pads are worn inside your brief or underwear and were designed to give you additional absorbency protection. They are an additional layer of protection that absorbs urine through the booster pad and into the brief or underwear. This is especially helpful for those with heavy wetting throughout the night. Expert tip – Again check for booster pads designed for overnight protection and information on the actual amount of fluid a product is designed to hold.
  • Bladder Control Pads: Bladder control pads are similar to booster pads. They can be worn inside a brief or pullup underwear for added protection. The difference is they have a protective barrier that holds urine inside the pad. Bladder control pads can also be worn overnight in normal everyday panties and underwear.  They are generally not as absorbent as protective briefs and pull-on underwear and can be a great choice for light to moderate nighttime wetting.  Expert tip –  These can also be used as extra protection for side sleepers.  Sometimes side sleepers can have leakage through the side of a brief or underwear where there is less absorbent material. Placing a pad inside the brief or underwear on the side typically slept on can absorb the overflow.


Briefs: Tranquility ATN, TENA Stretch Super, MoliCare Super Plus Slips, Abena Abri-Form

Underwear:  Tranquility Overnight, TENA Overnight

Booster Pads: Tranquilty TopLiner Booster Pad Super Plus, Hartmann Dignity Doubler

Bladder Control Pads: Tranquility Personal Pad Overnight, Abri-San 28, TENA Night pad

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